Adaptive Testing

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Nathan Thompson, PhD, Assessment Systems Corporation


This webinar will provide a focused introduction to computerized adaptive testing (CAT), allowing credentialing professionals to better understand the benefits of the approach and evaluate its applicability to their organization. Begin with a brief introduction to the algorithms of CAT, such as item selection and termination criterion, and how they are supported by item response theory. Next, discuss the benefits of CAT, from both a psychometric and operational perspective. Finally, learn a 5-step model for developing a valid, defensible CAT, which begins with feasibility studies that would be extremely useful for any organization not yet leveraging the benefits of CAT..

Learning Objectives

Attendees will:

  • Understand the components of a CAT, including calibrated item bank, starting point, item selection rule, and termination criterion.
  • Recognize the benefits of CAT, including increased security and 50% reduction or more in test length.
  • Understand the 5-step process to developing a valid CAT, and the role that simulations play in quickly evaluating feasibility.

About the Presenter

Nathan Thompson1.jpg Nathan Thompson is Chief Product Officer at Assessment Systems Corporation, where he has the opportunity to work his mission of elevating psychometrics through the design of software to automate mundane processes like Angoff studies and annual statistical reports, while making sophisticated approaches like adaptive testing and data forensics more accessible. Dr. Thompson received his PhD in Psychometric Methods from the University of Minnesota, then briefly worked at Prometric and the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology before moving to ASC in 2008. His scholarly interests remain with item response theory and computerized adaptive testing, where he maintains a research program and is a frequent contributor to professional conferences as well as journals. He is also a cofounder and Membership Director of the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing.