RSRCH17 Validation Strategies for Credentials

WEB17 Innovative Item Types

ICE Handbook Chapter 5: Basic Psychometric Principles

ICE Handbook Chapter 6: Examination Validation & Job Analysis

ICE Handbook Chapter 7: Examination Development

ICE Handbook Chapter 8: Performance Testing Methodologies

ICE Handbook Chapter 10: Test Administration

ICE Handbook Chapter 11: Standard Setting

ICE Handbook Chapter 12: Examination Security

ICE Handbook Chapter 13: Technology and Certification

RSRCH10 Guidelines for Performance Examinations

RSRCH11 Job Analysis Study for the Credentialing Professional

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Module 4, Psychometric Concepts and Analyses

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Module 5, Assessment Development and Delivery

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Six Module Package

WP11 Beyond Multiple Choice: Strategies for Planning and Implementing an Innovative Item Initiative

AWEB-0 Bundled Pack: Testing

WEB13-2 Recruiting and Managing SMEs - How It CAN Work

WEB13-6 Create & Implement Solid Exam Development Plans

REC13 ICE Exchange Full Conference Recordings

REC13 ICE Exchange Administration & Governance for Certification Programs Recordings

REC13 ICE Exchange Testing for Certification Programs Recordings

WEB14-1 Test Security

WEB14-2 Concepts for an Improved Job Analysis

RSRCH14 Eligibility Requirements Report

Certificate Program for the Credentialing Specialist

Advanced Topics in Certification: Psychometrics Module

REC14 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference Recordings

REC14 ICE Exchange Business of Certification Session Samples

REC14 ICE Exchange Testing

WEB15-1 Critical Psychometric Concepts for Credentialing Personnel

WEB15-3 Exam Results & Score Reports: Do's and Don'ts

WP15 Score Reporting: Where Policy Meets Psychometrics

WEB15-4 How To Use a Job Analysis To Help Inform Your Standard Setting Process

REC15 2016 NCCA Standards Training

WEB15-5 Key Considerations: In-Person Versus Virtual Item Development

WEB15-6 How Job Task Analysis Informs Test Blueprint Development

RSRCH15 Remote Proctoring Test Delivery: A Report on Options and Considerations

WP15 What Is the Optimal Number of Distractors in Exam Items? Case Study

REC15 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference (8 sessions)

REC15 ICE Exchange: A Game Plan for Managing Test Security Incidents

REC15 ICE Exchange: Considering Online Proctoring? Tips, Guidelines, & Lessons Learned

WEB16-2 Communicating with Security in Mind

Web16-4 Technical Reports: What Should Be Included & How To Interpret Them

WEB 16-5 Remote Online Proctoring

ICE Handbook: 2nd Edition - Digital Copy

WEB16-7 Creating & Maintaining a Test Security Plan

Weblive17 Job analysis, a starting point for your program

WEBLIVE17 Adaptive Testing

REC16 ICE Exchange: Lost In Translation

REC16 ICE Exchange: Establishing and Maintaining Firewalls Between Certification and Education

REC16 ICE Exchange: Online Proctoring: Dipping Your Toes or Cannon Balling - It's Time to Jump In

REC16 ICE Exchange:2016 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference Bundle

WP17 Becoming the SME Whisperer

RSRCH17 Assessing Noncognitive Competence

WEB17 Item Writer Development: Training Volunteer Writers