Application and Process

ACAP application process graphic

ACAP Step 1

Read the ICE 1100 Standard: the accreditation application will require you to provide applicable documents and written narratives to demonstrate compliance with this Standard.

Please consider using our Instructional Design guidance document in developing, implementing, or auditing your certificate program:

image of PDF icon Instructional Design guidance

image of PDF icon Guidelines for Meeting Assessment Requirements

image of PDF icon Instructional Design Elements in ICE 1100

MS Word iconSample ACAP templates

(to demonstrate roles, qualifications of personnel and for linkage from learning outcomes to assessment)

The self-assessment checklist is a tool to gauge your readiness to apply for accreditation. This document is for your records only; you do  not need to submit it with your letter of intent or the application.

Self-assessment checklist: MS Word icon

*See Assessment-based Certificate Resources at left for educational resources to help you more fully understand the requirements of the standard

The ACAP application is now online and will be submitted through a portal on the ICE website.  In order to start an ACAP application, go to the Online Portal page.  The application may be started and submitted by any of the deadlines, and there is no obligation to complete it or to submit payment until you are ready to apply.  We strongly encourage you to use the application as a resource for guidance, templates, and suggested documentation when preparing your application.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Review the application fees and annual accreditation fees.
  • Check the application submission deadlines. The three annual deadlines are
    • March 31
    • June 30
    • October 31

Application Fees

Application fees are on a per program basis and are non-refundable. Programs that are denied must pay the fee again if they wish to submit a new application. Therefore, organizations are strongly encouraged to use the preparation tools and to thoroughly review their completed applications prior to submission to ensure that their applications provide up-to-date, accurate information and are completed according to the Standards and guidelines provided in the application form.

Fees for applications submitted in 2017 for review are as follows:

ICE Member, organization with no currently ACAP accredited programs

Non-member, organization with no currently ACAP accredited programs $3,000/submission

Subsequent Application Fee 

This fee applies to each additional program after the first for any organization (member or non-member) that is submitting multiple applications at the same time.

$1,200/application up to a
max fee of 10 applications

Audit: on-site or online



5-year accreditation renewal application

$1000 for first program
$750 for each additional accredited program, up to maximum fee of $10,000 for all programs

Please make checks payable to ICE.   Send to ICE, 2025 M Street NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036.